R.J. Townsend

Thanks for visiting. Professionally I'm a software developer, sysadmin, author, and project manager; I spend the majority of my time at work managing developers, contractors, vendors, writing documentation, and figuring out why stuff broke (and making sure it doesn't happen again). I consult with agencies, universities and enterprises around Drupal and DevOps and advise on best-practices. View my linkedin profile for more about my professional and educational experience.

Here are some links to articles and a book I've authored:

Here are some websites I've worked on, there's a bigger list here.

If you've gotten this far, you might be interested in my Github profile, my Drupal profile, my business, and this link from 2000 which may actually be the first web-based project I ever did for which I was paid. There's a rumor I once bought, built, maintained, and let expire spicychicken.com in 1997. Unfortunately this doesn't exist on the wayback machine or whois.