The feature is reverted but shows as overridden

Showing a junior developer how Drush works

Meeting the sysadmin for the first time

You find a bug in panels you think you can fix

The first time you read through project requirements

The site needs to be hosted on Windows Server and IIS

Your boss is trying to tell you how to write a module

You successfully setup Aegir on your local environment

You’re a backend developer working on a theme

The sr lead wants to review your code

Explaining Drupal to someone who has never worked with Drupal

Your first Drupal project

You learn a vendor on a project has never worked with Drupal

Views alone will not solve your problem


I almost passed out laughing... I can so relate to all of these!! BTW please tag this as NSFW... LMAO

I've been in some of the above situations and I can assure the cats have a genuine reaction!

Excellent post, thanks

drupal dev here - have been in all of those situations. the cats are absolutely bang on.. nearly in tears of laughter here. thanks!

Thank-you! I can so relate to all of's nice to see I'm not alone!!

These are freaking brilliant! I love 1st Drupal Project, but as a Sys Admin I don't get it, am I the cat or the two scared guys ;-).

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