The SysAdmin's Guide to Drupal 7

This post is written for SysAdmins, IT Directors, and CTOs who either manage a Drupal 7 site or are thinking of bringing a Drupal 7 site into their portfolio of technologies. My goal is to demystify Drupal and help you understand how it works, how to best manage it, and the various tools and techniques to help ensure a good experience with Drupal.

Seven steps to quickly setup an Amazon EC2 web server instance so you can start working

I've been a part-time Linux sysadmin for a number of years and tonight I wanted to play around with Amazon EC2 and see how it works. There is plenty of documentation on how to configure and customize an Amazon EC2 instance and all the options available. However I didn't find a short, succinct summary of the steps required to spin up an EC2 instance from account creation to pointing your A record to it, so here goes.

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